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Reliable and highly secured data center company in India and United States.


Our Tale Begins

Our DNAs are filled with knowledge on web hosting and we have excelled internationally helping businesses build their websites their way. In 2010, CHL Technology started off with web designing services. In 2016, the idea of web hosting occurred and after a lot of analysis, CHL carved out its path on web hosting services.

Hostzop.com - A Leading Web Hosting Service Provider

It all began in 2016 when CHL Technology, christened Hostzop.com, one of the leading web hosting service providers in Chennai. Our founder, Mr. Rajesh Siroya, sensed the need for a reliable platform with which anyone can build any website from anywhere, the way they want. His dedication to web hosting reaped extraordinary results with more than a decade of excellence. It was his dream to discover opportunities beyond imagination and extract the most out of web hosting and provide netizens with extraordinary results.

From 2010 to 2024 - A Decade of Excellence

In over a decade, from 2010 to 2024, Hostzop has resolved 15k+ tickets embracing new ventures with expertise and a brilliant support system. Soon, the little steps turned to bigger leaps and Hostzop expanded worldwide. In 2021, marketing of the brand geared up and Hostzop reached tremendous clients PAN India.

server room
server room


"Sky is the limit for the willing heart.” Mr. Rajesh wanted to explore options and after facing many ups and downs with positivity, Hostzop reached another milestone.HOSTZOP CLOUD SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated as an extension, in 2023. Repping power and excellence, Hostzop has emerged as a leader in Cloud Hosting Services.

Leadership and Pioneering Services

The team under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Siroya, worked with several ambitious clients who want to define the future. Be it advanced network configuration Problems, security breaches, data corruption, data recovery, cloud integration issues, regulatory compliance challenges, or disaster recovery planning, Hostzop has been a pioneer in web hosting and cloud services. With their unique approach, Hostzop team orchestrates and enables sustained results.

Our Milestone