HostAdvice Research - 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosting 

Living in a digital world, business owners do everything to keep their business up to date and available for more people. That’s why more and more owners are launching websites for their businesses. If you have a business website or plan to have one, choosing proper web hosting should be your priority. Why? Because the hosting provider you choose will directly influence your website’s success. 

People new to the hosting world are often confused about choosing shared hosting or cloud hosting. Although both hosting services can host multiple websites, significant differences exist between them. People who are more experienced in this field often choose cloud hosting as a better solution. In particular, the number of businesses that adopted cloud hosting has increased by more than 80% since 2018.

Is Cloud Hosting For You?

Most people consider cloud hosting services for large enterprises with heavy data loads, but that’s not the case. Cloud hosting has the proper tools to give small businesses the resources to expand and succeed globally, making it the best web hosting for small businesses. 

Cloud hosting has innovative technology and unlimited scalability, and it’s the perfect solution for both small businesses and big enterprises. Cloud hosting resides on a shared server, but it has top data security, advanced data redundancy, and effortless backup and restores. If you’re still not sure whether cloud hosting is the best option for you, here are five reasons why you should choose it.

Scalability and Flexibility

The services provided by cloud hosting can be as essential as the public cloud, up to fully managed custom cloud plans specially designed to fit specific needs. The public cloud, the most affordable solution, allows many users to share the same provider. You can get a private cloud if you don’t like sharing servers. Lastly, there is a hybrid/multi-cloud option that supports different functions. As your business grows, you’ll be able to scale your cloud services to support your site. 

Traffic and Uptime

You will experience less downtime, thanks to the many dedicated servers. If a server fails, another will instantly take over. Traditional hosting depends on a single server, so when that server goes down, it can cause the site to crash. 


Data stored in a cloud is protected from malicious activities and accidental loss. The cloud has a system for preventing security threats and cybercrime. The overall data protection is managed by experienced engineers, who install security tools, and scale resources constantly add more layers of security. The cloud server hardware is located in a secure data center. 

Independence Of Location

All the traditional hosting providers have fixed data centers in several locations worldwide. The server’s location plays a massive role in the loading speed of your website, so you must choose a location wisely. On the other hand, cloud hosting servers are everywhere globally and can be easily accessed through PC and mobile devices. 


Since cloud hosting is mainly offered as Saas ( software as service), the sellers are responsible for maintaining the hardware. On the other hand, customers will only have to pay for the resources of the service they have been using. Sellers also offer a variety of cloud plans suitable for different businesses and organizations. Cloud hosting is attractive for smaller and new businesses because it allows shared cloud services, thus becoming more affordable. The companies also will save some money on IT because the seller is obliged to maintain the hardware and servers so that you won’t have additional IT costs. 

HostZop offers one of the best cloud hosting plans. They’re an excellent hosting company with affordable prices that accommodate users’ needs globally. You can purchase a cloud plan by HostZop for only $6/month. 

Cloud hosting users get automatic data backups. Even if a server goes down, users can be at peace because there will not be any loss of information. 

About HostAdvice

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With so many options on the market, choosing the right hosting provider that best suits your business needs is essential. Always look for the best because the hosting provider will influence the growth and success of your business, and cloud hosting is the best for growing companies. 

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