A server that is entirely dedicated to a website or an application is known as a dedicated server.
A dedicated server is like a TV remote, you can change whatever channel you want to see and increase or decrease the volume as per your wish.
It means that in a dedicated server, you have complete control over your server. All your server’s processing power, memory, and disk space are committed to your website. No other website is sharing your server. So there is no competition for resources on the server. Hence a dedicated server is very scalable.

Dedicated servers are for:

  • Businesses like finance, system administrators, and IT companies that cannot share their servers with other websites.
  • Companies that employ more than 500 employees need a dedicated server because they manage large amounts of data.
  • Businesses that have many e-commerce transactions every hour.
  • Agencies need a dedicated server to host their customer’s websites or applications.


To online businesses search engine rank and SEO is substantial.
For instance, you are using a shared server. One of the websites you are sharing the server with is not a reputed website, a ding on the IP address automatically pushes down your search engine rank. Therefore to rank higher in your search engine rank, you need a dedicated server. The higher you rank, the more customers and viewers.
By using a dedicated server, you don’t get a common IP address, you get your own IP address. This prevents the risk of your website being pushed down because of your neighbor’s site.
The requirements of bandwidth, processing powers, and other resources increase as a company grows. In a dedicated server, you have unlimited customization options. You gain all the tools you need to directly manage domains, databases, files, etc. It also ensures that your website is running at peak performance.
In a shared server, you never know what your neighbor’s website is, and this increases the risk of malware attacks and data theft. You gain full control over the security measures in a dedicated server.

Loading time is a significant factor in the growth of an online website. A slow website will have less traffic and this affects the revenue. Every extra second your page loads it lessens 16% customer satisfaction. But this does not happen when you use a dedicated server.


If you are owning a business website, you must opt for a dedicated server. Online businesses need to be active 24*7. It has a lot of merits and very few demerits. It increases web traffic, provides more storage, and faster processing speed, high-level security and gives you full access to the server. Therefore, by using a dedicated server your business’s overall performance is increased.

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