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Linux has proven itself as a reliable platform for running websites and applications for many years now. Many VPS India users are thoroughly happy with the output. It provides excellent performance compared to Windows and Mac OS X servers due to its inherent stability and security features. Moreover, it’s open source which means that developers around the world are contributing to its development making it even more secure and stable.

Below are some dimensions you must know about Linux VPS servers:

1. Security: Linux comes with a very strong security feature that is not available in other types of virtual servers. It provides you with the best features to secure your website and database from any malicious intrusion. It also protects your website against DDOS attacks, brute force attacks, and SQL injection attacks.

2. Performance: When it comes to performance, Linux VPS Server offers an excellent speed when compared to Windows VPS Server or other virtual server solutions. The reason behind this is that Linux VPS Server uses dedicated hardware for hosting your website, which means that there will be no overhead on the shared resources used by all the other virtual servers hosted on the same host server. This will help you get a faster response time and better performance than other options.

3. Cost-Effective Solution: The cost of a Linux VPS Server comes at a lower price than other hosting solutions like Windows VPS Server or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure due to its ease of use and customization options provided by its creators along with the high-end security features that make it one of the most preferred choices among businesses around the world today.

4. Business continuity: An ideal solution for businesses who need to have their IT infrastructure protected from downtime or unavailability, the Linux VPS Server is an excellent option for businesses who want to provide services 24x7x365 without interruption or downtime due to maintenance activities such as software upgrades, updates or security patches, etc., which are often required in case of traditional hosting services but not always available on low-cost cloud servers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

5. Control over data center location & policies: By choosing a Linux VPS Server, you can control which country/region your website is hosted in as well as its location within that region or country so that you can choose whether you want to host your site.

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