Purchase our budget-friendly dedicated servers featuring Dell and HP hardware at unbeatable prices, all while maintaining top-tier server quality. At MilesWeb, you won't have to break the bank to host your website or application on premium servers. Begin with our most affordable dedicated server today.

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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Our Best Features

Assured Uptime

We guarantee 99.95% uptime with our budget-friendly dedicated server hosting, thanks to our TIER IV data center and robust server infrastructure that ensures uninterrupted availability for your websites or applications.


Dedicated servers provide enhanced security as all server resources are exclusively dedicated to your use, and you can even install your preferred security software for added protection on your affordable unmanaged dedicated server

Fully Customizable

Enjoy full control over your server configurations and the freedom to install any desired applications. Additionally, you can choose your preferred operating system and control panel, and we'll handle the installation for you.

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Intel Xeon Processors

We equip our budget-friendly dedicated servers with Intel Xeon CPUs, known for their robust performance and advanced multi-core architecture. These processors are at the forefront of technology, delivering exceptional speed and making them perfect for hosting resource-intensive applications and high-traffic websites.

SSL Security

With our plans, you receive a complimentary SSL certificate for your website or app. This certificate automatically encrypts data traveling to and from your server, providing the utmost security. Rest assured that sensitive information shared by your visitors remains inaccessible to intruders as it traverses the internet.

Root/Administrative Access

With our affordable dedicated server hosting, you have root or administrative access to modify server files, securely transfer them using SFTP, customize configurations, install/uninstall server-wide applications, manage ports, and more.

Host Unlimited Websites

We offer unlimited resource usage with our bare metal server services. You can host as many websites as you need within the allocated resources of your plan. Hosting multiple websites on a single server simplifies maintenance and management.


With our affordable dedicated server hosting in India, you have the freedom to install your choice of operating system, be it Linux or Windows. Just select your desired OS, and we'll take care of the setup process, ensuring you're up and running within minutes!

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Choose our budget-friendly dedicated server hosting in India, and enjoy the flexibility to install your preferred operating system, whether it's Linux or Windows. Make your OS selection, and we'll handle the setup process seamlessly, ensuring you're up and running in no time!

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