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Give your business the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud. Build, deploy and run apps quickly with direct access to your Azure environment for improved flexibility, with automated pay per usage cloud billing.

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What's amazing about Mircosoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure steps in, providing diverse cloud services encompassing computing, analytics, storage, and networking. By opting for Hostzop as your Azure service provider, you're embarking on a journey of technological progression.

A Comprehensive Cloud Service Suite

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a top-tier choice among cloud service providers. It offers a complete array of cloud services that businesses can utilize to construct, launch, and manage applications, all within a global network overseen by Microsoft.

Scalability and Flexibility

Azure's primary strength lies in its versatility and extensive service range. Whether you're a small business planning to scale or a large corporation striving to enhance operational efficiency, Azure delivers solutions tailored to your needs. It provides a scalable platform that progresses alongside your business, ensuring access to necessary resources when they are needed.

Integration and Productivity

Azure's steadfast commitment to security, with more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider, assures safeguarding your data. Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud to drive your digital transformation journey and enjoy the advantages of agility, flexibility, and top-notch security.

We Provide You World Class Best Microsoft Cloud Services Hosting Features For You

Established in 2008 we are top rated hosting services in India focused on offering reliable and super-fast hosting services to our global customers. Best Microsoft Azure With Trusted Service. We make sure your website is fast, secure & always up - so your visitors & search engines trust you.

99.9% Network uptime

Experience unmatched reliability with our 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Count on us for constant connectivity and minimal interruptions to keep your business running smoothly. Rely on our robust infrastructure and proactive monitoring to keep your online presence available 24/7. Stay reliably connected with us and focus on your core goals.

Integration and Productivity

Azure's compatibility with other Microsoft services like Office 365 and Dynamics 365 results in integrated operations, boosting productivity.

Dedicated support

You will receive personal attention and dedicated support from our team of experts, available 24/7. We prioritize your needs and provide quick assistance and tailored solutions to the challenges you face. We assure you that with our dedicated support, you have a trusted partner by your side to ensure smooth operations and peace of mind. Experience unparalleled service because we are committed to your success.

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Security and Compliance with Microsoft Azure Cloud

Why Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud stands out as a leading choice among cloud service providers and for good reasons.


Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop: Streamlining Remote Work

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a groundbreaking service that provides a contemporary, scalable solution for remote work. It enables you to create a thorough virtualized desktop and application experience, all hosted on Azure's solid cloud infrastructure.

This technology responds to the growing need for adaptable, remote work solutions. It's akin to having your work desktop with you wherever you are, accessible from any device at any moment. This convenience is paired with Azure's rigorous security protocols, allowing you to work with the assurance that your data is secure.

The Azure Virtual Desktop also brings financial benefits. Functioning on a pay-per-use basis, you're only charged for the resources you consume. This characteristic, coupled with the ability to scale in response to demand, empowers businesses to manage their resources and expenditures better.

Choose Azure Virtual Desktop and transform remote work into a simple, secure, and cost-efficient practice for your business.

Experience Azure – the globally trusted Cloud platform

Get the freedom to build apps and deploy them the way you want With a variety of tools, applications and development frameworks available across globally spread datacenter networks, build any application suiting your business needs and experience powerful scalability and flexibility of cloud

Use familiar and trusted open-source technologies and tools from the broadest range of operating systems, programming languages, databases, frameworks and devices that Azure supports.


Extend your on-premise investments to cloud with the help of seamless hybrid capabilities Azure offers across infrastructure, data, apps, user identification and management.


With Azure stack, bring cloud capabilities to your datacenter. Get benefits of interactive Azure portal, DevOps tools' experience, PowerShell and various other app models across the cloud and on-premises.


With Azure, let your business reach out globally with the help of multiple Microsoft-managed datacenters networks spread across the globe.


Azure protects your assets through a strict methodology to offer maximum security, privacy, compliance and transparency of your apps in cloud. Its Security Center helps you prevent, detect and respond to any threats and provides improved security for all your resources.


Azure has been recognized as the most trusted cloud for U.S government institutions, which also includes a FedRAMP High authorization covering 18 Azure services. It offers the most comprehensive compliance coverage with over 50 compliance offerings.


Scalability and Cost-Efficiency: A Winning Combination

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