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Improve your online exposure with our Windows Cloud Server. Enjoy rapid speeds, strong security, and scalable resources tailored to your company's needs. Experience unparalleled performance and security, allowing you to focus on establishing your business while we take care of your hosting.

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24/7 Technical Support

Leading Windows Cloud Server providers include 24/7 technical support from cloud experts. Users gain access to support technicians to help diagnose and resolve issues quickly.

Windows Compatibility

Windows Cloud Server delivers a fully compatible Windows server environment. It ensures hosted applications and services operate seamlessly as they would on Windows servers on-premises. The latest Windows Server releases, like Windows Server 2022, are supported.

Windows Security

Windows Cloud Server leverages native Windows security like BitLocker, Active Directory, Kerberos authentication, and TLS encryption. This protects applications and data.

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MSSQL Database Support

Windows Cloud Server integrates tightly with Microsoft SQL Server databases. Users can leverage managed SQL Server cloud database services or provision SQL Server on Windows VMs. This provides an enterprise-ready relational database backend.

Remote Desktop Access

Administrators can access Windows Cloud Server remotely using RDP. This allows connecting to the hosted desktop for convenient management and troubleshooting. VMs can be administered as if accessed locally.

MS Access Database Support

In addition to enterprise-grade databases, Windows Cloud Server also supports hosting Microsoft Access databases. Access database files can be deployed on cloud Windows instances for lightweight data solutions.

Exchange Server Support

Windows Cloud Server enables hosting Microsoft Exchange Server. Companies can deploy Exchange in the cloud to empower business-class email, calendars, and collaboration features.

Windows Server Roles

Key roles like DNS Server, DHCP Server, and Active Directory Domain Services are available to simplify deploying core infrastructure components.

IIS Web Server

Windows Cloud Server includes IIS, enabling hosting of secure and robust customer-facing websites, web applications, and APIs.

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Frequently Asked Queries

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Yes, most providers allow installing compatible custom Windows software, with some limitations.

The provider automatically handles OS patching and updates. Users must patch and update any custom applications.

Windows Cloud Server supports hosting unlimited websites and applications on a single server, provided sufficient resources are allocated.

Yes, cloud providers allow configuring firewall policies like network security groups access control lists to control traffic to Windows VMs.

Providers offer automatic backup solutions for disks and databases. Users can also implement their backup to external durable storage.

Yes, most cloud providers allow seamless resizing of resources like CPU, memory, and storage without reprovisioning VMs.