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Amazon Web Services (AWS) to upgrade and enhance your enterprise. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, AWS offers a broad range of tools that can turbocharge your business functions, from hosting services and storage solutions to machine learning applications.

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AWS Cloud Hosting Plans

Choose Your Additional Support Feature

• Out of memory
• Server boot/reboot
• Hardware fault resolution
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• Domain Mapping
• SSL installation
• Dedicated Firewall Mgmt
• Adding Application
• SFTP/FTP Connections
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• Troubleshooting
• Investigating server logs
• DB Issues
• WAF optimization
• Performance optimization
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• Kernel Updates
• OS Updates
• Security Patches
• Network Fine-tuning
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• Call support
• Whatsapp support
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a range of support options to help you effectively manage, optimize, and troubleshoot your AWS environment. Selecting the right support plan is crucial to ensure smooth operations and quick resolution of any issues that may arise. Here are the available support features you can choose from

Transform Your Business with Amazon Web Services India (AWS)

At Hostzop, our expertise lies in assisting you to navigate through the extensive capabilities of AWS. Regardless of whether you're a budding startup aiming to grow or an established corporation intending to update your infrastructure, our team is ready to steer your course. We'll support you in tapping into the power of AWS and aligning it with your business goals, ensuring a smooth transition toward a more productive, innovative digital framework.

Join us as we explore the realm of AWS and uncover how it can bring about a revolution in your business operations. Together, we'll ensure that your shift to AWS isn't merely a technological modification but a transformative business strategy. Let's set sail on this thrilling voyage of digital transformation together!


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Why Hostzop is most trusted Cloud Computing Services In India AWS managed service provider

Get the right mix of automation and administration.

Industry-leading Node First support

Hostzop's technically competent support team is available, responsible, and accountable, and takes proactive steps to maintain your cloud and resolve issues.

Security with smart governance

You get complete IT portfolio management, including public, private, hybrid cloud, and virtualized environments, ensuring the right user access, compliance, and protection of your data.

Check real-time consumption

You may manage your Azure CSP subscription and new services, as well as contact customer support, via the Hostzop customer dashboard.

Dedicated support

Hostzop offers a dedicated support system available 24/7 and offers continuous support when you need technical assistance.

Visibility with monitoring & reporting

If AWS is enabled, Hostzop can also provide custom reports on your AWS account - by user, application, company, and more.

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