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VMWare Dedicated Servers provide businesses with an isolated virtualization environment to run multiple virtual machines and applications on a single physical server. Hostzop is the hosting provider that offers the best VMWare ESXi Dedicated Server Hosting in India

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Our Best Features

Enhanced Security

The hypervisor layer provides security between VMs, and additional measures such as firewalls, VLANs, and antivirus programs can be implemented for further security enhancements.


Resources such as RAM, virtual CPUs (vCPUs), and storage can be scaled up or down as needed without requiring downtime, allowing for flexibility in resource allocation.

High Availability

VMware enables high availability by ensuring that if one VM fails, others continue to operate. Automatic failover configurations can be set up to provide redundancy and minimize downtime.

What is a VMWare Dedicated Server?

A VMWare Dedicated Server is a physical server running the VMWare ESXi hypervisor software. It allows you to create multiple virtual machines that share the physical resources of the server, such as CPU, RAM, and storage.

Each virtual machine runs its operating system and applications independently. This provides isolation and security between VMs. You get complete control over the entire server to install and configure it as per your needs.Pricing for VMWare dedicated servers varies based on:

  • ⭐ Location of data center
  • ⭐ Server hardware specs (CPU, RAM, storage)
  • ⭐ Uplink bandwidth
  • ⭐ Magento-trained support
  • ⭐ Managed vs unmanaged
  • ⭐ Length of commitment

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Isolated Environment

VMware creates Virtual Machines (VMs) that operate independently of each other, enhancing security and performance by ensuring that the activities of one VM do not impact others.

Dedicated Resources

Each VM receives dedicated resources, including bandwidth, storage, and memory, ensuring consistent performance without interference from other VMs.

VMotion Capability

VMware's VMotion feature allows for seamless migration of live VMs between physical hosts, enabling workload balancing and maintenance without disruption.

Customizable Configuration

Users have full control over customizing and configuring their VMs, networking, and storage to meet specific requirements and optimize performance.

Centralized Management

VMware provides a centralized platform, such as the vSphere client, for managing all VMs, hosts, and resources, simplifying administration and monitoring tasks.

Efficient Resource Utilization

VMware helps optimize resource utilization by efficiently allocating resources between VMs, prioritizing critical workloads, and minimizing wastage, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

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● Estimate your virtualization needs - number of VMs, RAM, storage, etc.

● Choose a reliable provider like ServerBasket, CWCS, ServerRoom, etc.

● Select the right server configuration to match your needs and budget.

● Consider Managed services if you need expert setup and 24/7 support.

● Start with a short-term plan or small server first to test it out.

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Frequently Asked Queries

A VMware dedicated server is a physical server running the ESXi hypervisor software, dedicated to a single user. It allows you to create multiple VMs and customize them to your needs.

Unlike regular dedicated servers limited to a single OS, VMware dedicated servers let you run multiple VMs with different operating systems and applications using virtualization

Key benefits include security, isolation, flexibility, scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, centralized management, and efficient resource utilization.

Yes, you can run multiple VMs limited only by the server’s hardware resources. Each VM runs independently, like a separate physical server.

VMware protects VMs with hypervisor isolation, network security, such as VLANs and firewalls, VM encryption, secure boot, etc.

Yes, you can easily allocate more or reduce resources like RAM, vCPUs, and storage to your VMs as needed without downtime.

Hostzop providers offer 24/7 technical support via phone, email, and chat. Managed services are also available for expert VMware support.

VMware offers DR tools like vSphere Replication. Providers also perform regular backups, and you can backup VMs independently.

Yes, most providers migrate your VMs from your current environment to your new VMware dedicated server free of cost.

You get full root access and control over everything - the hypervisor, VMs, networking and storage configuration, resources, etc.