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If you're in search of robust hosting solutions offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and security, you've landed on the ideal platform. Our dedicated server hosting services cater to businesses of all sizes, be it a budding startup or a flourishing corporation. We offer dedicated server plans featuring both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Choice of operating system

Dedicated servers allow complete freedom over the operating system. Popular choices include Windows for applications requiring .NET frameworks while Linux distributions such as CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu are widely adopted for web and database workloads. Users choose the OS their technical stack functions best on.

Scalable hardware

Dedicated plans provide dynamic scalability of hardware specifications. Starting from commodity server configurations, requirements can expand by upgrading the number of CPU cores, increasing RAM capacities from 8GB to 1TB, adding more primary or redundant storage in HDD, SSD, NVMe options as traffic scales over time.

Dedicated IP addresses

Each dedicated server receives its own unique public Internet-routable IP address, ensuring internet traffic is exclusively and transparently directed to the designated system. Dedicated networks secure infrastructure through stringent access controls compared to shared hosting where multiple websites utilize a single public IP address.

Why Dedicated Server Hosting?

Our dedicated server Hosting comes with top-notch technical support, providing expert assistance whenever needed. Overall, a dedicated server is an ideal hosting solution for businesses that require high performance, flexibility, security, and reliability.

In today's digital age, businesses increasingly rely on their websites to reach customers and drive growth. With the increasing importance of online presence, having a fast, reliable, and secure website is essential.

Many businesses are thereby opting for dedicated server over shared ones. And Hostzop is here to help you with the same!

We Provide You World Class Best Dedicated Servers Plan and Price in India Features For You

Established in 2008 we are top rated Dedicated Servers Plan and Price in India focused on offering reliable and super-fast hosting services to our global customers. By Dedicated Server Hosting Price With Trusted Service. We make sure your website is fast, secure & always up - so your visitors & search engines trust you.

Full root/administrative access

Dedicated users gain complete “root” access privileges as the owner to manually configure anything on the server like installing applications, modifying OS settings, defining user accounts, applying security fixes, managing integrations - without any restrictions.

RAID storage configurations for redundancy

Drives are set up in redundant RAID 1, 5, 10 layouts to prevent data loss if a single drive fails. This high-availability storage delivers non-stop accessibility of files and databases through automated disk mirroring and parity techniques depending on the RAID level used.

24/7 technical support and infrastructure monitoring

Reliable hosts maintain 24x7x365 support accessibility globally through various channels like telephonic helplines, ticketing portals and live chat interfaces to resolve issues. Their expert engineers also monitor server health, security and performance round the clock proactively.

Service level agreements for 99.95% uptime guarantee

Uptime SLAs bound data centers to maintain guaranteed connectivity thresholds through redundant power, cooling and bandwidth components ensuring minimum possible downtime exposure for business workloads.

Flexible bandwidth allocation and upgrade options

Starting at 500Mbps, bandwidth provides sufficient speeds and can be expanded if baseline connectivity proves insufficient for elevated traffic. This protects from internet bottlenecks ensuring optimized performance as needs grow over time.

Protection from DDoS attacks and security incidents

Mitigation technologies shield dedicated infrastructure against malicious network traffic to block application layer attacks, safeguarding websites while maintaining connected service levels even during security threats.

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Our Trusted Server Reseller Partner

We have been working with Hostzop for a long time as server reseller partner.We really like this company. The support is amazing and very fast network and customer support also...

Kamal G

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Seamless Hosting Experience

Hostzop has been hosting my domain for around 18 months and I have no complaints. Very Reliable. The few times that I have had to contact their support people, I have had very quick response.


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Empowering Business Growth

Server and services are very excellent helping more in business surely i recommended to friends and others to take service from them well done they helping to grow our business

Tamil Ravi

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Amazing service

Very professional, will finish your work on time. No, unwanted calls or discussions. I am very happy as a client. I will recommend anyone just for their professionalism.

Sunil kumar

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Best supporting service

I buy server in very resonable price and quality of server and uptime is amazing. their support team are very very helpfull even they provide call support when i face some issue.

Yash Baldha

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Efficient Support

Efficient support,Offering services at very low cost when compared with other providers. i suggest those who are looking for service i strongly recommend Hostzop

zoltan borcs

Ready to Get Started with Dedicated Servers plan and price?

Getting started is simple. Evaluate your technical and budgetary needs to determine the ideal dedicated server configuration. Reputable providers make setup straightforward - self-service tools provide OS installation within hours, with migration assistance upon request. Their starter packages remove complexity, while powerful add-ons expand functionality.

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Frequently Asked Queries

The base price covers the server hardware, operating system license, regular automated backups, security & performance monitoring tools, and 24x7 technical support. Resources like CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth are also included as specified in the plan.

Reputable dedicated server providers clearly mention one-time and recurring charges upfront with no hidden costs. Additional services like public IP addresses or specialized addons may have separate fees but are optional.

Yes, most hosts allow customizing dedicated server specifications beyond standard plans. Contacting sales enables tailored configurations according to your unique requirements at additional costs depending on resource increments.

No long-term commitments force rigid plan lengths. Dedicated servers feature flexible monthly billing cycles allowing cancellations or upgrades anytime according to changing needs.

Some providers offer volume discounts for multi-year advance payments. Enterprise bundles for deploying several servers together also save 10-20% on list pricing.

Major cards and international wire transfers accommodate dedicated hosting payments. Monthly or annual billing follows the chosen plan duration with taxes as applicable to location.

No overages for CPU/RAM/storage usage exist. Network usage over the committed quota may attract nominal charges dependent on provider policies to prevent bill shocks.

Contacting support facilitates online upgrades/downgrades conveniently with minimal downtime. Hardware changes take effect instantly while reducing resources may require configuration changes.

24/7 expert support is standard with dedicated plans through phone, ticketing and live chat. Server setup assistance, performance tuning and urgent issue escalations are promptly addressed within guaranteed SLAs..

24/7 expert support is standard with dedicated plans through phone, ticketing and live chat. Server setup assistance, performance tuning and urgent issue escalations are promptly addressed within guaranteed SLAs..