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Extensions (TLD) Register Renew Transfer
.com Rs 967.39 Rs 1,061.79 Rs 967.39
.net Rs 1,186.89 Rs 1,475.99 Rs 1,186.89
.in Rs 655.89 Rs 703.09 Rs 655.89
.org Rs 1,198.69 Rs 1,464.19 Rs 1,198.69
.online Rs 3,015.89 Rs 3,588.19 Rs 3,015.89
.store Rs 4709.19 Rs 5,605.99 Rs 4709.19
.biz Rs 1,529.09 Rs 1,871.29 Rs 1,529.09
.me Rs 2,638.29 Rs 3,204.69 Rs 2,638.29
.co Rs 2,360.99 Rs 2,856.59 Rs 2,360.99
.info Rs 1,942.09 Rs 2,355.09 Rs 1,942.09
.name Rs 803.39 Rs 992.19 Rs 803.39

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