Windows Dedicated Server Pricing and Plans

Pricing for Windows dedicated servers varies based on hosting provider, data center location, server specifications, and level of management.You can also get unmanaged bare metal servers and customize them yourself. These are cheaper but require more technical expertise.

What Are Windows Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a physical server leased from a hosting provider. It is dedicated solely for your use rather than being shared with other customers.

Windows dedicated servers run on Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system. This allows the hosting of Windows-based sites, applications, databases, and other technologies within the Microsoft ecosystem.


Our Best Features

Windows Security Features

Robust built-in Windows security, including BitLocker, Windows Defender, firewalls, and more, helps keep your server environment and data secure.

Windows Server OS

Hostzop provider will install and fully license the Windows dedicated Servers edition you choose. This handles underlying OS management so you can focus on hosting sites and applications.

Remote Desktop Access

Windows dedicated servers allow you to connect remotely via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to access and configure your server GUI. This makes it easy to manage Windows apps, files, and settings.

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Active Directory Support

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for centralized user authentication and management across Windows networks and applications.

Microsoft SQL Server Compatibility

Install SQL Server databases for Windows-based applications that require relational databases and transactional processing.

.NET Framework Support

Build and deploy .NET apps with supported frameworks like ASP.NET, .NET Core, and more.

Windows-Based Applications Hosting

Host custom Windows applications alongside your web apps and databases within one dedicated environment.

Windows Update Management

Hostzop provider will keep the OS patched and updated to ensure the server is always running the latest Windows Dedicated Servers

Windows PowerShell Integration

Automate admin tasks with PowerShell scripting and manage Windows Dedicated Hosting roles and features through the command line.

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Ready to Get Started with Windows Dedicated Hosting?

● Analyze your workload - CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth needs.

● Pick your preferred Windows Server OS version.

● Select managed or unmanaged hosting.

● Shortlist providers that best fit your needs.

● Start with an entry-level server and scale up as required.

● Set up staging environments to test applications.

● Migrate sites systematically in batches for a smooth transition.

● Leverage your provider’s support and experts when needed.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Windows Dedicated Servers run various versions of Windows Server, such as Server 2019, 2016, 2012 and 2008. You select the edition you want during server provisioning.

Yes, you can access your Windows dedicated server remotely via the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). This allows you to log into the desktop GUI to manage files, apps, and settings

Most hosts provide native Active Directory integration on Windows dedicated servers for centralized user authentication across Windows-based applications and network resources.

Common SQL Server editions supported include 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019. Check with your host about the specific versions offered.

Windows dedicated servers fully support building and running. NET-based applications, including ASP.NET, .NET Core, .NET Framework, and more.

On your dedicated server, you can install and run web apps as well as Windows desktop applications such as accounting software, CRMs, multimedia software, and more.

Yes, you get access to Windows PowerShell to automate administrative tasks on your dedicated server via scripting and command-line control.

Windows dedicated servers come with IIS pre-installed. This provides a graphical interface to easily manage your web server role services, sites, and applications.

Your hosting provider will handle patching and updating the Windows Server operating system on your behalf to keep it always up-to-date.

Robust built-in Windows security is included such as BitLocker encryption, Windows Defender antivirus, advanced firewalls, and more. Your host can provide additional security solutions as well.